C# Bindings/Wrapper for Elementary and FSO

Andreas Willich andreas_willich at gmx.at
Sat May 16 17:52:06 CEST 2009

Hi Peter

Nice to see some other C# developers here.

You are absolutely right to do not duplicate the work.

I will look at you current work and would like to help you with the 2

At the moment I am working on bitbake recipies for the last mono,
libgdiplus and ndesk-dbus versions.


On Sat, 2009-05-16 at 13:20 +0100, Peter Strapp wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just spotted a message regarding the usage of C# on the Freerunner 
> and thought it'd be a good idea to let everyone know what I've been 
> working on. Duplication of effort is not a good thing for open source 
> development (Something Intel/Nokia should realise ;-) ) so I thought I'd 
> better get this out there.
> C# Enlightenment Bindings (EFL-Sharp) including Elementary
> I have been working for a while now on C# bindings for Elementary. All 
> the basics are there and all but the most complex widgets are supported 
> (list, hoversel, genlist etc. still need completing). I got in touch 
> with Nigel Benns who is a maintainer on the currently dormant  EFL-Sharp 
> and have been given access to the Sourceforge project. I'm hoping to 
> migrate the source over to there soon (And later to the mono svn 
> repository) but for now you can access the source from my svn repository.
> C# FSO Wrapper
> I have also been working on a wrapper for FSO. The wrapper uses ndesk 
> dbus so the important bit is to define all the interfaces. I have 
> stuffed them all inside a singleton for now. Later I'll come up with a 
> more elegant solution. It still needs A LOT of work but is a starting 
> point and many things 'work'.
> ** Warning **
> The source is very unstable at the moment as I'm regularly making large 
> changes. Compatibility will break daily! I originally hadn't intended to 
> release this until the code was in a better shape and I had autoconf, 
> etc. sorted. But I encourage any help/testing.
> http://strapp.plus.com/svn/src/efl-sharp
> http://strapp.plus.com/svn/src/fso-sharp/
> An example app that uses both libraries can be found here (It is a 
> simple program to switch GPRS On and Off):
> http://strapp.plus.com/svn/src/Freerunner/GPRS_MVP/
> Peter Strapp
> (Peppertarts)
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