stringcompare and normalization to find numbers in contacts

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Mon May 18 18:15:43 CEST 2009

normalized number = "+<CC><HC><NUMBER>"
non-normalized my be: <NUMBER> | <NationalPrefix><anyHC><NUMBER> | 

Nr1 := Nr s/<IP>(.*)/\+$1/           #00 49 911 12345 -> + 49 911 12345
Nr2 = Nr1 s/<NP>/\+<CC>/             # 0 911 12345 ->  + 49 911 12345
Nr3 = Nr2 s/[^\+](.*)/\+<CC><HC>$1/  # 12345 ->  + 49 911 12345
step3 above isn't considered very practical for cellphones
<IP>, <CC>, <NP>, and <HC> are user definable config-values

apply normalization to both numbers prior to strcmp() *only* - no mangeling of 
numbers on storing, dialing, display to user

nota bene: inbound call numbers are considered fully normalized (per GSM 
definition). If you like to cope with non-standards-conforming inbound 
numbers, you need a means to acquire CC' of the network currently in use, and 
use this CC' instead of CC for normalizing the inbound number.

a good idea might be to cut all spaces as well, and also truncate any 
leading/trailing netcode sequences like *31#+49 911 12345 W;1**3 (truncate 
from left side and from right side all *short* sequences including any 
non-numeric+"+" delimeter, this is "*31#" (excluding the "+"!) for left, 
and "W;1**3" for right. Admittedly this part is tricky. 
Left side truncation is mandatory, right side a nice-to-have)

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