IS NEO1973 dead?

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Wed May 20 10:36:41 CEST 2009


SHR goes well with GTA01. FSO probably too, but I have not tried it lately.
You can the lite image from flash. But you even have to remove cruft
before you can install gllin. The space constrains are really heavy.

I run SHR from SD. Kernel from Flash because uboot can not load from SDHC
on GTA01. Rootfs on SD.
Please be aware of possibley very misleading informations regardng boot
from SD on the wiki! Some frerunner users seem to disregard GTA01 issues
and delete or change them one in a while. ;)
Stay away from Qi, it has no DFU mode and you have no secondary bootloader.
Be arware of diferent mtd 'partitions' on GTA01

All these issues are pretty comprehensively described here:

And if you don't wish to use your SD for rootfs, please just ignore my
random facts. They are not important. ;)

Ben Wilson wrote:
> Hi,
> SHR is running great on my GTA01, I'm using it as my everyday phone.
> I always put it on charge as soon as I'm home. It lasts over 12hours in
> suspend so always makes it through the day fine.
> I normally run SHR-Testing but i couldn't get the latest testing build
> to work so i moved to SHR unstable and that's working fine.
> You can get unstable images from here
> It's not much use on the built-in flash as you have stuff all freespace.
> I run it on the uSD card and it works fine.
> Ben.
> Sreeraj a wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i am a (disheartened) owner of a neo 1973 (GTA01)
>> it is almost still in the same stage as when i purchased it
>> wanted to enquire if the development for 1973 dead.
>> if not then what is the latest (best) distro i can use for my phone to
>> get it working.
>> thanks in advance
>> srj
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