Verifying Checksum : Bad data CRC on Neo1973 (GTA01Bv4)

Vincent de Grandpré at
Wed May 20 16:39:02 CEST 2009

Hi folks,

I am trying to flash the Neo multiple times and wasn't able to have images
booting completely. I investigated and found that at the bootloader (U-Boot)
menu when selecting "*Factory Reset*", I get this error at the end of the
process (after erasing all rootfs/kernel partition) :

*Verifying Checksum : Bad data CRC*

When I am trying to upload Kernel image of SHR using *NeoTool* wich I wanted
to test I got the upload starting, then near the end it stops,
returning *dfu_download
error -110* (for wich I don't have any information) and the returning result
on the Neo screen is : *End* of *write exceeds partition end*.

Lately I had the same problem having the file system *(rootfs)* in but
erasing the partition using NAND options (*nand erase rootfs*) and uploading
it again passed thru.

Now I am wondering... Is my Neo dead ?
What does it means to have a Bad data CRC doing factory reset ???

Please help!

Vincent de Grandpré
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