Om2009 testing release 4

Angus Ainslie nytowl at
Thu May 21 21:34:48 CEST 2009

Hi All,

As I think we've fixed more things than we broke it's time for another testing 
release. As usual there are additional instructions here.

There is also a new page for community involvement. Many of these wishlist 
items need someone to implement them. If you are interested in in owning one 
of the wishlist items come and join #paroli or send me an email

Don't bother trying to do an opkg update opkg upgrade to do the upgrade. 
Chances are you won't get the dependencies right ( I know I didn't ). If you 
want to preserve your settings use the bind-home method and flash the full 

New in feeds


New features

Improved call handling - should limit races in oeventsd
Better list handling
More consistent interface
New paroli-illume theme
	- only change so far is to remove desktop switcher
	- wanted volunteer to change analog clock to digital
	- wanted different colour scheme ( maybe white on black to
	match the rest of paroli ? )
Static MAC addresses for usb devices 
	- usb networking will now show up as ethx on the host side please check dmesg 
	on the host side
Ability to cut 30 seconds off boot time
	- DO NOT use this if you use bind-home
	- install udev-static-devices to get this speed boost
	- any solutions on using bind-home and static-devices appreciated
Keyboard goes away after use 
Updated /etc/network/interfaces to give USB0 a metric
Added readahead to busybox to test speed increase

Known issues

Some oeventsd rules are ignored  ( framework oeventsd problems )
	- don't suspend while plugged in
	- suspend fails after a call

Bugs fixed

1 pixel wide illume exit menu
UTF chars in SMS's 
	- you must still install a keyboard to be able to write different character
Keyboard collapses after use


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