IS NEO1973 dead?

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On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 4:36 AM, Tilman Baumann <tilman at> wrote:

> I run SHR from SD. Kernel from Flash because uboot can not load from
> SDHC on GTA01. Rootfs on SD.
> Please be aware of possibley very misleading informations regardng
> boot from SD on the wiki! Some frerunner users seem to disregard GTA01
> issues and delete or change them one in a while. ;)

 I'm running an ancient distro on my Neo right now, but I just got a big and
blank SD card. If you can point out the wiki issues, I'll verify the correct
procedure, update the wiki pages and then put them in my watchlist to make
sure they don't lose their Neo parts. :)

Stay away from Qi, it has no DFU mode and you have no secondary bootloader.
> Be arware of diferent mtd 'partitions' on GTA01
> All these issues are pretty comprehensively described here:
> And if you don't wish to use your SD for rootfs, please just ignore my
> random facts. They are not important. ;)

I only have one question (I haven't explored the wiki lately) -- can I
choose between booting off flash and booting off SD? (I'm assuming I could
move kernels around by dfutil and so on, but is there an easy way to toggle,
like a boot manager or some magical incantation?)

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