Om2009 testing releases

Mirko Lindner vegyraupe at
Tue May 26 18:27:22 CEST 2009

Hej guys,

just a quick note about Om2009 testing releases.
We won't follow our usual weekly schedule for now, as there are a few 
things that need fixing first.
It is mainly stuff in the framework as well as paroli. Before these are 
fixed a testing release won't make much sense as it won't be stable
enough for daily use.

The unstable builds will continue and so will work on paroli. The GUI
gets some new touches such as reworked button layout. I will focus on
stabilizing what is already in paroli and try to get out some nasty
things here and there.

I hope that we can fix things all over the place so that the next
testing could become a release candidate ;)

So if you got some py knowledge, come and join #paroli on freenode, the 
more the
merrier! :)


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