zhone does not start in current fso-zhone-image

Stefan Buschmann s_buschmann at gmx.de
Wed May 27 20:37:55 CEST 2009

Hi all!

I would like to start coding (again) for my openmoko freerunner and I'm 
very interested in using the FSO framework. So I've set up OE build 
environment and sucessfully built images before, which I even used for 
quite some time on my phone.

However, I'm currently having some issues:

1) fso-zhone-image builds fine currently, but in the resulting image, 
zhone can't be started. The system boots fine, X and illume are coming 
up, but when starting zhone it results in a crash presenting "Zhone 
stopped running unexpectedly. There was no error message". Is this 
problem known? What can I do to debug this? /home/root/ does not contain 
any log file.

2) I can't manage to get USB networking to work with zhone-images, 
neither the ones I've built myself nor e.g. milestone5. I thought it has 
been working with older versions, though, but not sure about that. Is 
USB networking activated in current fso-zhone-image/kernel, and if not, 
how can I activate it?

I'm using git.openembedded.org and fso/milestone5.5 branch.

BTW. where should I put bug reports like this in the future? On this 
mailing list? OpenEmbedded mailing list? Bug tracker? It's quite hard to 
find the right places in the huge openembedded-world at the moment :-)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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