bitbake recipe question

Christian Rüb christian.rueb at
Thu Nov 5 12:50:38 CET 2009


I created a bitbake recipe for libdivecomputer [1], but I do not want the examples (located in ${bindir}) to be in the main package but in an extra package called "libdivecomputer-examples". But somehow the libdivecomputer package always grabs the files in ${bindir}, so libdivecomputer-examples is empty.

this is how I tried:

FILES_libdivecomputer-examples = "${bindir}/*"
PACKAGES +=  ${PN}-examples

You find the full recipe here [2] (I know these parts are commented out - this is because they did not work anyway). When trying to build please note their webserver uses a self sigend certificate - so you have to svn co before manually and permanently accept it - maybe there is another way in oe/bitbake to get around this?

If this is of interest - I am doing this on a setup built with the SHR Makefile.

Thanks for your help.



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