Glamo Speed Improvement(s) direcfb

Thomas White taw at
Sun Nov 22 20:42:24 CET 2009

On Sun, 22 Nov 2009 20:21:54 +0100
mobi phil <mobi at> wrote:

> gdrm-waitq: gdrm-waitq.c:220: main: Assertion `ret == 0' failed.
> that is
> ret = ioctl(fd, DRM_IOCTL_GLAMO_GEM_CREATE, &create);
>    assert(ret == 0);
> Does this mean that the nvram allocations are not released after an
> application is closed?

Yes - for some reason, they're not getting cleaned up for some reason
(particularly when the program is killed by a signal).  Before long you
run out of VRAM and further allocations fail.  It's on my list..


Thomas White <taw at>

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