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mobi phil mobi at
Tue Nov 24 01:48:17 CET 2009

pls. ignore this for the moment... I am doing sthg. wrong in that
piece of code.. was late in the evening :)

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 1:02 AM, mobi phil <mobi at> wrote:
> Tom,
> I know that now everybody wants everything from you related to glamo :)
> if you have time for the following:
> I played further with your gdrm-waitq.c
> This time I wanted to move a square pixel by pixel. I could not find
> out the documentation, but I concluded that the burst command starting
> with GLAMO_REG_2D_SRC_X register, would be the "one" that does
> blitter.
> Furthermore I tried to get the right way to do XOR, to remove the old
> square. So I draw a new one, remove the old one and wait a bit.....
> Unfortunately all this ends with flickering. Am I doing sthg. wrong?
> Well the question is... what is the best way to implement moving of an
> area with acceleration.
> --
> rgrds,
> mobi phil
> being mobile, but including technology

mobi phil

being mobile, but including technology

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