How to make an ipk package out of the code and include an icon

Michael Pilgermann kichkasch at
Wed Nov 25 19:25:54 CET 2009

Hi Sriranjan,

I had the same problem with packaging PISI (also written in Python).

Before you start, install fakeroot for your OS (e.g. sudo apt-get
install fakeroot for Ubuntu) and download ipkg-build from:
and put it in your working directory or whatever - it's a shell script
you will need.

For PISI, I put all the required commands into a Makefile:

- see in there under section "dist" ... might look a bit overloaded; but
this is due to some subdirectories; in the end very straight forward. I
guess, most important for you are the following lines:

	mkdir build/template
	mkdir build/template/CONTROL
	cp build/control build/template/CONTROL
	mkdir -p build/template/opt/pisi
	cp *.py COPYING README build/template/opt/pisi
	mkdir -p build/template/opt/pisi/contacts
	ln -s /opt/pisi/ build/template/bin/pisi
	mkdir -p build/template/usr/share/applications
	cp build/pisi.desktop build/template/usr/share/applications
	mkdir -p build/template/usr/share/pixmaps
	cp build/pisi.png build/template/usr/share/pixmaps
	cd build && fakeroot ./ipkg-build template
	rm -rf build/template

On top, you will need a control file, a desktop file and an icon of your
choice, my examples from PISI:

Make sure, you apply the same directory structure under "template" - or
whatever you use. "Template" will be the "/" on the destination plattform.

For (potential) later integration into reps you will need bb-recipes; so
things will change again; but for a starting point, this did the job for
me with very limited efforts.


RANJAN wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to make an ipk out of the python source and add a desktop
> icon.How can it be done?
> Sriranjan
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