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Fred . frederi1 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 18:25:44 CET 2009


Wow! it's a very nice project! Thanks.

And what about a tiny-httpd like in routers, to setup things, and do simple
admin tasks? while we setup the network...

As i frequently lacks of an "ssh ready" machine, even if ssh can do a lot
more, i presume the first usage of it will be to specifying a new partition,
kernel image?

Sorry, i don't know much this rescue system and its use cases that you, real
experienced linux users will certainly need.....

i still didn't begin compilations or tests, and frankly, i don't know if an
http server will ruin performances, but if not, please tell me what you
think about this!

 Sorry if you feel i am  OT, (that thread is quite handy for that :p ) but i
would like to have differents opinions regarding this

ps: note that i am not comparing ssh and tiny-httpd at all, but i feel like
command line can stop some persons in the process of creating a dual boot,
mistakes are human, that's for sure... :(

ps2:Maybe i misunderstood the whole purpose of this project and the way it
will "automatise" everything?
Well I was supposing there will be a little place for user interactions, so
creating the interface for this makes sense to me...

Thanks, Fred.
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