[RFC] Qi Bootmenu

Petr Vanek vanous at penguin.cz
Fri Nov 27 17:31:32 CET 2009

for a more complex GUI will be the image size, and
>likely some impact on boot speed.  Currently my image takes 12 seconds
>from power on to the gui, though that should go down when we're using
>a minimal kernel and initrd - rather than rootfs.  I've no idea what
>the difference in boot speed will be between an evas/ecore gui and an
>edje/elementary gui.

sounds and looks great!

are you using X or talking directly into framebuffer?

if you follow the thread with my tests, i got 12seconds as well and
this was with ssh access and also X server running, my select script
was in (slow) python and TK. it was my big hope to get it to about 7
seconds when X is not used... good luck! 12 seconds is simply too long
for just a boot menu to show up...


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