Performance of the accelerometer on FR

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Thu Oct 1 06:49:00 CEST 2009

> >I have been testing the accelerometers on the free runner via bluetooth at
> 38400 bps.Here is my test video:
> ><>
> >I think at 38400 it is not pretty real time.What could be the maximum
> refresh rate of the accelerometers?And what is the best way >to read this
> data.Is 38400 is the maximum speed that can be achieved with the bluetooth
> on FR?
> >Anyone any idea?
> >Sriranjan


What are the accelerometers used in the FR (company and model number)?I
think it might be Freescale's MMA7260.If it is it has selectable
sensitivities in the range of +/- 1.5 g to 6 g what has been selected in the
free runner.What I observed is that the Free runner is able to detect shocks
as in if a person is running it will work well to detect such shocks.Also if
one has to use it to shuffle songs it will work well.

Please let me know.

Thanks and Regards
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