Rod Whitby (MokoMakefile author) moves on to start WebOS Internals

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Oct 6 14:02:00 CEST 2009

wow, sad to see you go indeed.
You are one of the true old-timers of Openmoko :-)
Since hacking the Palm Pre is not that far from an 'open phone' perspective,
maybe you can add a feed to the Openmoko planet and we can that way stay in
touch with what you are doing?
I will regularly check what's going on at
All the best! Good luck!

On Tue, Oct 06, 2009 at 10:08:23PM +1030, Rod Whitby wrote:
> It is with some sadness that I must say goodbye to the OpenMoko  
> community, and move on to new things.
> My dream of an OpenMoko phone with a hardware keyboard to replace my  
> aging Treo 650 was never realised, and you all know the rest of the  
> story on the software side of things.
> I've now started a new community ( which does open  
> source Linux-based development for the Palm Pre.
> My hope is that may one day be the bridge between  
> the OpenMoko community I am now leaving, and the WebOS Internals  
> community which has recently started.
> I wish everyone continuing down the OpenMoko path the best of success  
> in the future.
> -- Rod
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