How to build a fso-based distribution

Al Johnson openmoko at
Wed Oct 7 09:47:59 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 07 October 2009, Shilin Yu wrote:
> Dear All,
>     I want to build a fso-based distribution for my freerunner and want to
> do some developments.
>     Where can I find some building instructions for some distribution which
> is based fso framework?
>     I found that there are a link to
>, Is this instruction is valid
> now? should I follow this page to build?

FSO no longer make a distro, but it is used in several others. The closest to 
the old FSO distro would be SHR which also uses OpenEmbedded. The instructions 
at [1] give a quick start guide, but it may be better to use shr-unstable 
instead of shr-testing as it suggests. You should look at some OpenEmbedded 
and/or bitbake tutorials for more information on how the build system works.

You could also use Debian, which is uses as a basis for the Hackable1 and 
QtMoko distros, or OpenWRT [3]

[1] SHR

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