Rod Whitby (MokoMakefile author) moves on to start WebOS Internals

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Wed Oct 7 15:41:33 CEST 2009

On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 3:34 PM, David Lanzendörfer <
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> > My dream of an OpenMoko phone with a hardware keyboard to replace my
> > aging Treo 650 was never realised, and you all know the rest of the
> > story on the software side of things.
> Its nearly fully working and it has a keyboard ;)
> > I've now started a new community ( which does open
> > source Linux-based development for the Palm Pre.
> Hmm, would be nice to have OpenMoko running there too.
> Tomorrow I'll put our enterprise server into a data center, directly
> connected
> to the european backbone.
> My enterprise ( has decided to officialy support OpenMoko as a
> platform.
> We have some big customers ATM, which will need to have organizers, etc.
> So hopefully our activity will push the project (hardware and software)
> again.
> Tomorrow we will install our new server directly to one of the backbones in
> europe. With this emense uplink we can not only support OpenMoko by
> developing
> and selling devices to enterprises, but also can provide a free repository
> to
> the OpenMoko developers.
> Here in switzerland its more legere concerning the license and patent
> politics, so with this repo it will be possible to publish root images with
> included mp3-players and so on, again.
> I hope, this gift will be taken from the community thankfully.
> > My hope is that may one day be the bridge between
> > the OpenMoko community I am now leaving, and the WebOS Internals
> > community which has recently started.
> I think we can use the software developed by your crew and port it to
> OpenMoko, yes.
> > I wish everyone continuing down the OpenMoko path the best of success
> > in the future.
> Thanks, same to you.
> Greatings
>        leviathan
> > -- Rod
> --

This sounds like great news.
Would you like to post it on the community list?
that way it will reach a lot more people!
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