Rod Whitby (MokoMakefile author) moves on to start WebOS Internals

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at
Wed Oct 7 16:03:44 CEST 2009

> This sounds like great news.
> Would you like to post it on the community list?
> that way it will reach a lot more people!
I'll post it there as soon as the repository and the project page are ready 
and online for up- and download.
Then it will have much more impact.
I'm working right now on a totaly new remix of openmoko.
Based on fso, hildon (maemo-desktop), OE.
I'm testing ATM around, I'll upload the finished initial rootfs for freerunner, 
htc-* and nokia-* to the repo, when I have built them.
We have ATM little problems with alsa in the replicants team, but this will be 
solved soon, and we will have a fully functional OpenMoko for the mostpart of 
the htc-phones, and nokia-phones are also in progress.
I want to be totally frankly, so I'll say it to the beginning:
There will be the first time need for a good GUI and robust enterprise specific 
Support for LDAP-calendars/contactlists/etc. needs to be implemented.
So I beg, that I'll not be standing alone.
Because that would be very uncomfortable for me.
But beyond all dubt, I'm really hoping that the OpenMoko team and my 
enterprise will manage to do not only a step into the home of some embedded 
device hackers and geeks, but this time much further, into big companies we 
would never have dreamed of before.

nice greatings
David Lanzendörfer
OpenSourceSupport GmbH
Junior system engineer and supporter
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