fatfingershell V0.2

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rizurita at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 27 20:37:15 CET 2009

Hello people,
  there is a new version of fatfingershell (0.2). 
It is a virtual terminal for Openmoko mobile phones, with a fullscreen
keyboard, and sound/screen/vibrator feedback.

You can set the colors and the transparency, set new keyboard layouts
(hard yet) and replace the sounds.

The fullscreen keyboard aims to be complete and useful for sh/bash,
vi and common console apps, like top, mocp, mplayer, mc, gnu tools, etc.
Moreover it is comfortable for fat fingers.

The new stuff :

- better performance
- scroll
- vibration feedback
- better sources
- ipkg package

Installing ffs :
opkg install http://ffs.projects.openmoko.org/fatfingershell_0.2_armv4t.ipk

Web page and documentation :
(check the TODO, we need useful scripts yet :-) )

Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.

Enjoy, Rafa.

Rafael Ignacio Zurita

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