Bluetooth (bluez4) and bluetooth serial port

Nicola Mfb nicola.mfb at
Wed Sep 16 16:58:05 CEST 2009

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 4:51 PM, Paul Fertser <fercerpav at> wrote:
>>> Got the device bonded to the laptop running Xp.However when I try to serial
>>> port connect it says device Om-gta02 does not support Bluetooth serial
>>> port.Any ideas how to get the serial port over bluetooth working?
>> AFAIK SPP (Serial Port Profile) is handled by rfcomm in BlueZ. Check out
>> /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf. It's long time ago since I last used this so I
>> cannot remember any exact steps... Again... The information on the wiki page
>> should help you getting started. Try using google if you don't understand
>> everything in the wiki page...
> In fact to have a FR work as SPP server, he can try to look at using
> test-service script along with service-spp.xml from bluez test/
> directory in the sources.

Another solution is Serial Proxies, in the past I managed them to
share the gpsd connection over bluetooth with an SPP, api
documentation in bluez sources.


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