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Thu Sep 24 10:15:04 CEST 2009

I work in an office and every morning I switch on my computer and
connect the freerunner to the usb to charge up the battery. Over the
course of the morning the orange power button led changes to a blue to
indicate that the phone is fully charged.

I had this idea that instead of just sitting there with a black screen
that it'd be nice if when fully charged the phone would power up the
screen and turn into a small photo frame beside my computer. To that end
I had a look at last night and did some messing around to add a
"-p" option for play the slideshow and "-l" for loop the slideshow, at
present neon displays all the phots in a directory and then stops.

Random would be nice but that's another night's messing.

I'm a complete novice to Python so this might not be the best addition
you'll ever see but I'll attach the diff -cB old new in case anybody is

Once that was done I edited my /etc/freesmartphone/oevents/rules.yaml to
set up a rule for what I wanted. There seemed to be a rule for the blue
light so I added to that rule:

  while: PowerStatus()
  filters: HasAttr(status, "full")
      - SetLed("gta02_power_blue", "light")
      - OccupyResource(Display)
      - Command('neon -f -p -l ~/Pictures/*.jpg')

Rule didn't work :-( Still I was Free to try it ;-)
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