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Thu Sep 24 16:00:05 CEST 2009

Sorry new the Python so dirty hack is all you're going to get out of me
;-) I assumed someone might clear it up.

If you just start neon as normal you still get the File Selection Window
but to bypass that I just call it with a file or *.jpg and it pops the
File Selection very briefly.

neon -f -p -l ~/Pictures/*.jpg

I reread there and might have mis understood you. I don't have any file
stuff to the left or right but that might be because I'm using the "-f"

Marcel wrote:
> Finally got the patch applied (by hand, the patch program claims your
> patch to be invalid...).
> Near, I had to do this:
> elif self.opened_img_index < len(self.gui.fsb.images) - 1:
> # dirty hack!
> if self.opened_img_index == None:
> self.opened_img_index = 0
> self.opened_img_index += 1
> If that extra 'if' isn't there, the interpreter complains about += 1 not
> being applicable to opened_img_index, which is of NoneType till then, so
> it needs to become an int at some point. Though there's a better place
> to do that for sure.
> Now the slideshow works, but there's still the top menu and parts of the
> folder list on the left and right visible. How could we fix that? I just
> got your code to work before looking at it myself...
> I thought about getting images from a desktop simply by mounting the
> image dir on the neo and reading images like everywhere else. Ones from
> the web are a little different... Especially because size differs. And
> how might one get them? Does have some api? Loading large
> images and rescaling them for the Neo's screen takes quite long btw...
> Am Donnerstag, den 24.09.2009, 11:47 +0100 schrieb Arigead: 
>> Thanks a million, I'd hoped it might possibly interest some people. I'll
>> have to have a look into the rules and see if I can't get that part of
>> the operation working.
>> It'd be great if you could get pictures from the desktop. Maybe even
>> from a web site. I used to look at pictures on it's a site for
>> photographers, armature I think. That might get a bit "arty" for the
>> office at times though ;-) Still there's some great photos out there.
>> Maybe neon author will pick up on that thread ;-
>> Marcel wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> Thats a nice idea! While on USB one could even pull images over nfs or
>>> smb from the desktop pc to save Neo's memory... I'll have a look and see
>>> if I get random slideshows to work.
>>> Marcel
>>> Am Donnerstag, den 24.09.2009, 09:15 +0100 schrieb Arigead: 
>>>> I work in an office and every morning I switch on my computer and
>>>> connect the freerunner to the usb to charge up the battery. Over the
>>>> course of the morning the orange power button led changes to a blue to
>>>> indicate that the phone is fully charged.
>>>> I had this idea that instead of just sitting there with a black screen
>>>> that it'd be nice if when fully charged the phone would power up the
>>>> screen and turn into a small photo frame beside my computer. To that end
>>>> I had a look at last night and did some messing around to add a
>>>> "-p" option for play the slideshow and "-l" for loop the slideshow, at
>>>> present neon displays all the phots in a directory and then stops.
>>>> Random would be nice but that's another night's messing.
>>>> I'm a complete novice to Python so this might not be the best addition
>>>> you'll ever see but I'll attach the diff -cB old new in case anybody is
>>>> interested
>>>> Once that was done I edited my /etc/freesmartphone/oevents/rules.yaml to
>>>> set up a rule for what I wanted. There seemed to be a rule for the blue
>>>> light so I added to that rule:
>>>>   while: PowerStatus()
>>>>   filters: HasAttr(status, "full")
>>>>   actions:
>>>>       - SetLed("gta02_power_blue", "light")
>>>>       - OccupyResource(Display)
>>>>       - Command('neon -f -p -l ~/Pictures/*.jpg')
>>>> Rule didn't work :-( Still I was Free to try it ;-)
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