Graphics in Mokomaze

Marcel tanuva at
Wed Sep 30 12:31:26 CEST 2009


I'm experimenting with graphics for a game idea on the neo, but I still
wonder how I get enough performance out of it. All I need so far are
rotatable bitmaps (glad SDL_image exists...) in 2D space. The rotozoomer
of SDL_gfx is horribly slow and rotates around an imaginary border of
the original image instead of the image's center.
Then I switched to OpenGL set up for 2D rendering in an SDL surface,
which would be accelerated if the Glamo had OGL support yet. So now I
can rotate images (textured GL_QUADS) around their center, but it's not
too fast either. Also the texture looks like data crap on the Neo, but
I'm not sure what's guilty there.
So how is that Ball in Mokomaze done? From the falling-into-holes motion
I guess it's kinda 3D, but so fluent, how did the author achieve that?


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