strange behavior, way too much sys cpu load

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Thu Dec 23 18:05:28 CET 2010

On Thu, 23 Dec 2010 15:49:40 +0100
Rashid <rashid at> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> strange things happens. In top (command): I used my gameboy port from
> openmoko wiki and it uses around 50-60% in users cpu load. And 6% in sys
> cpu load.
> In newer version the emulator uses 30-40 % in cpu user load and 60% in
> sys cpu load.
> The problem is I messed my source up and it needs now 60& sys load too.
> And I forgot to release it, I released just the binary (shame on me)
> which is fine. 
> First question: Someone have an Idea which functions in SDL / c can
> create such a huge sys load? I disabled the graphics and sound complete
> and I got this ridicolous high load (98,5% with 72,5% sys cpu load), on
> every recent release of the gnuboy:

SDL_UpdateRect would be rather CPU intensive especially for full screen updates

And the cost goes up if it needs to convert the pixels
(When the screen surface has a different depth/pixel format
than the format the X11 server uses)

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