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dermiste dermiste at
Wed Feb 3 12:02:42 CET 2010


Here is what I managed to do so far :

- I can access the GTA02 hardware through OpenOCD on OpenBSD
- I can compile the bare-metal example using the OpenBSD cross toolchain
- I can run the bare-metal example on my GTA0, either through JTAG or
- I can debug the bare-metal app with gdb connected to OpenOCD
- I can compile an OpenBSD kernel for GTA02 with debug info

Right now I'm stuck with some address translation issues : kernel's
physical location is 0x30300000, and virtual location is 0xc0300000
(+0x80000000). I try to set a breakpoint at Lstart:moko_start.c, but gdb
seems to put the breakpoint at the virtual address rather than physical
address. I tried to redefine the symbols offsets with
"symbol-file" and "add-symbol-file bsd.gdb 0x30300000", but no success
so far. I think it has to do with page table setup ...

As soon as I'll be done with my web site publishing tool chain, I'll
post a detailled description.

Vincent / dermiste

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