[Shr-User] [CU] application sections

Jose Luis Perez Diez jluis at escomposlinux.org
Mon Feb 8 15:43:28 CET 2010

A Dilluns, 8 de de febrer de 2010 13:27:47, Patryk Benderz va escriure:
>    Thus a question arises: Is it still necessary to keep "Application
> updates" alive?
I think it is necessary:

1. not all apps main developer has control over the corresponding bitbake
   recipe on OE or SHR.

2. Redundancy in this case is very important as every one of us has its "own

3. Here is live after SHR, other OE distros, debian, openwrt, gentoo ..., 
   I don't follow most of them but having them makes me happy..

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