Maintain(er) OpenMokoProjects [was: Openmoko projects page down]

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jan 7 12:46:51 CET 2010

Michael Pilgermann wrote:
> the OpenMokoProjects page is back online - thanks to whoever did this.

That would be Joachim. I'll add my thanks too !

Unfortunately, there still appear to be problems with accessing
certain directories, and nobody seems to have an idea (so far)
how to solve these.

> But in fact, I got a bit concerned about carrying on to host my projects
> there. What is the status of this site - and who is the maintainer? 

As far as I know, Armin Ranjbar is in charge of the administration of
the projects (approval, etc.), but there doesn't seem to be anyone
who's clearly in charge of running the infrastructure. (I might be
wrong, though. Corrections welcome.)

Now, GForge doesn't seem to be a particularly friendly platform to
maintain. At least I gather this from the amount of invective
uttered by those trying to fix it :-)

Considering alternatives, we could also look at the things we
already have in the Openmoko universe. For example, we have a
mailing list processor, a bug tracker, an SVN, a git, and even a
web-to-SVN gateway (with limitations). I wonder if each project
really needs to have its own copy of each of these, or if we
could share and pool some resources.

These "central services" used to be for "official" Openmoko Inc.
projects, but now that it's all in the hands of the community
anyway, there's little need to maintain this distinction.

The rate of new project registrations is not particularly high.
Last year: jan 17, feb 8, mar 6, apr 9, may 5, jun 5, jul 5, aug 1,
sep 1, oct 2, nov 1, dec 2. So it may not be worth the effort to
automate these tasks. (I don't know the rate of membership changes,

- Werner

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