qi-bootmenu - suggestions,idea - first mmc partition

Rey Cyril cyril at crl.ch
Fri Jun 11 12:07:14 CEST 2010



I tested qi-bootmenu. According to the wide choice of distro available for
the freerunner, this is a great and necessary functionality. Congratulation,
Mat, for this idea and the job you did for. 


Actually qi-bootmenu run from internal kernel partition. Would-it also be
possible to make a version of qi-bootmenu which can be installed into the
first MMC partition ? 


Benefit will be :

-       A standard unmodified QI can be used.

-       According to QI boot order, there is no need to put
"/boot/noboot-GTA02" file on each partition.

-       If necessary, first MMC partition can be bigger than internal

-       We can still have a "daily/emergency distro" in the freerunner
internal memory. 

-       Apart u-boot replaced by QI the freerunner is still unmodified
without MMC.




Rey Cyril



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