[SHR] Where are my contacts?

Alexander Lehner lehner at edv-buero-lehner.de
Mon Mar 22 01:03:28 CET 2010

Maybe I could answer myself:

I think the contacts app now stores its data in the PIM environment, while 
I wrote my phone numbers into the sim card.

Next question (if my assumption is true):
I would like to change my script - currently I'm using cli-framework 
with the following commands:

gsmsim.StoreEntry( "contacts", 1, "name", "12345" )

This of course will not longer work if I have to use
the pimc object.
I'd like to delete all entries first, then add them with

pimc.Add( <how is the syntax> )

Can I do this at all?


> A while ago, I wrote a script to automatically insert my SQL phone database 
> into the phone, using the dbus API.

> After flashing my phone to the latest SHR, this still seems to work, but 
> I don't see them in the 'contacts' application. (I see them using  cli-framework 
> tool, though).
> Actually, the contacts application seems not to work at all, it even 
> does not 
> allow me to add an entry manually.
> (Only the one-eyed frog monster is laughing at me...)

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