omnewrotate - my improvements / packaging request

Tim Abell tim at
Thu Mar 25 23:20:13 CET 2010


I love omnewrotate, but I particularly dislike the way it starts up 
again every time you resume from suspend.

I've rewritten the scripts as proper init.d a scripts, and changed the 
default state on boot to be "stopped".

Run the following to apply my customisations:

  tar -xzvf omnewrotate-init.tar.gz -C /
  rm -f /etc/apm/suspend.d/11omnewrotate-suspend 

The tar file omnewrotate-init.tar.gz contain replacements for:


and a new init script:



Would the original developer(s) / the shr package maintainers like to 
use my changes? I'd love to see this in the main feed.


Tim Abell

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