dfu-util 0.1-rc1 was: Future of dfu-util

Stefan Schmidt stefan at datenfreihafen.org
Fri May 7 20:19:03 CEST 2010


On Sun, 2010-04-25 at 16:50, Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> Short Term
> ----------
> - Include some minimal fixes


> - Good testing with different u-boot versions

Done. I tested it against moko12 u-boot which is shipped in NOR and against the
latest version from our stable branch. Both are working fine.

> - Release candidate (2010-05-16)

I had some more spare time then I expected so I made a release candidate today.
Please get it from http://dfu-util.gnumonks.org/releases/ and report any bugs
you find. Last chance to get things fixed before version 0.1!

> - Release 0.1 (2010-04-23)

This date still holds.

> - Work with the packagers to get it into the distros

Testing of -rc1 would be great but packagers should wait for the real release.

> Mid Term
> --------
> - Go through the OM bug tracker and find bugs for dfu-util and the u-boot
>   counterpart

Done. I found two related bugs. One which improved debuging output. That one is
already applied. The other one is about broken DFU upload in u-boot. That one
was already on the list but nobody looked into it so far.

> - Prepare a subdomain for hosting at gnumonks (e.g. dfu-util.gnumonks.org)

Harald prepared everything I need here. A release folder is already there. A
minimal website will follow.

> - Import the SVN history into a git repo and move on with it

Done. I will push changes into svn and git until the 0.1 release and will
deprecate svn afterwards. New git repo can be found here:

So please give the release candidate some good testing and let me know the

Stefan Schmidt

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