new (testing) image

Mirko Vogt lists at
Wed Nov 10 13:02:29 CET 2010

Hey folks,

since restructuring the git repository is now completed (thanks a lot to
Xiangfu at this point) and _lot's_ of fixes and updates have been
applied into the git repository since the last image got released, we
now have - guess what? - a new (testing) image[1]! :)

As last time it's marked as "testing" for now.

That means, from now on a merge window of 1 week got opened - feedback
is highly appreciated!

I created a "testing" branch which is based on the commit the testing
image was was built from.

The idea is to merge over _just_ patches, which fix essential / critical
stuff, into the "testing" branch while the merge window is open.

That way the "master"-branch will stay open for enhancements and new
features, while we can ensure the testing-branch will not get
accidentally broken but stabilized for the actual release image.

A summarized change log of major improvements / changes:

 - heavily restructured git repository to make it more easy to track
changes with upstream
 - change rootfs size from 256MB to 512MB
 - switch back to uclibc, since we experienced issues with
0.9.32 which are going to be investigated
 - all used toolkits (sdl, gtk2, qt4) are working again
 - lot's of packages - within the openwrt-packages as well as in the
qi-packages repository - have been updated to fit more the needs of
NanoNote users
 - lot's of new and fixed packages have been added to the default config
and therewith image
 - the toolchain and SDK are now built by default to simplify
development and cross-compiling / -linking of software

That's just the major points - lot's of (other) fixes have been merged
into the image, as well as lot's of new software ports.

For more information please review the git log (since the restructuring,
to get the full picture, relevant commits are split into the master- as
well as in the history-branch).

Happy hacking!




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