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Sun Nov 14 16:01:01 CET 2010

On Sun, 2010-11-14 at 11:37 +0000, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> Mirko,


> > That means, from now on a merge window of 1 week got opened - feedback
> > is highly appreciated!
> Looks great overall!
> I found one major bug:
> 1) boot, launch NanoMap, exit with Ctrl-Q -> system hangs
> kyak said on irc he thinks all Qt apps will hang on exit.

Will look into it, thanks.

> Some smaller issues:
> 2) boot, launch StarDict - will hang for at least 60 seconds, but
> only first time after reflash, after that it's fast. Xiangfu said
> it creates an index file, I think he already fixed this by including
> a prebuilt .idx in the package.

I guess that's related to fontconfig/pango which GTK2 is using.
First time an GTK2-application is running, it's going to create a
font-cache. Maybe this precompiled font-cache could be provided within
the image, avoiding the creation of it on every NanoNote running an
gtk2-app the first time.

> 3) SD card is automatically mounted when inserted at runtime, but
> when it's already inserted before booting, it will not be mounted.
> 4) in /etc/banner, the version number still says "2010-09-06". I will
> remove it to avoid that we have to sync with /etc/VERSION.

I wasn't aware of that file (/etc/banner), seems to be sth.
like /etc/motd(?). Maybe we can link in somehow /etc/VERSION to avoid
having the version hardcoded in multiple files?
Xiangfu - according git log you added /etc/banner - what do you think?

> 5) I tried to view some jpegs from my digital camera (2.x MB files,
> 3648x2736 pixels) - they all failed with 'out of memory'. I saw
> 9808KB free memory when gmenu2x was running, 14840 KB when it was
> not running.
> I think the Qt hang-on-exit bug is a big one and we should fix it
> before making the release official. What do you think? Can you
> reproduce it?

Will deal with it right now...

> Wolfgang


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