new (testing) image (especially to all commiters of openwrt-packages.git)

Mirko Vogt lists at
Wed Nov 17 02:05:23 CET 2010

Hey all (especially people committing into <openwrt-packages.git>),

since I created the "testing" branch in "openwrt-xburst.git" - and
therewith kind of "froze" it for everything but urgent / critical fixes
(for more information read my previous mail below) - I didn't create a
"testing" branch in the packages repository "openwrt-packages.git".

So "openwrt-packages.git" didn't get frozen - but (meanwhile) broken
instead :)

I did now create a "testing"-branch in the
"openwrt-packages.git"-repository as well.

The current "testing"'s HEAD points to the commit
<7e2ca971d2fc7146852f455f844aaf99e26b183b> - the state which I used for
building the testing image.

To all openwrt-packages.git-committers:

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