building own tangoGPS tileserver with overlays

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Thu Apr 28 18:54:04 CEST 2011

I'm playing with setting up a new tileserver for tangoGPS.
I delivers the same maps as

It is the base cycle map with double hillshading and hike/cycle routes 
I like this kind of map, but since it is built up with several overlays 
via OpenMaps, it was not possible to get the hillshading and the cycle 
routes into the FreeRunner.

So I've set up an http server which does the composition of the three 
layers. So the merged tiles can be downloaded by tangoGPS.

The URL for tangoGPS is:

Please note that I'm not having a fast internet upload (1Mbit) and it 
seems that at least the hike/bike layer is also not the fastest.
So please be careful with mass downloads. I for myself don't care much and 
will throttle down my server in case. But I don't know the hike/bikeMap 
folks personally and we should respect their resources.

If someone is interested in how it works feel free to contact me. 
Essentially you need an apache running, some configuration lines in the 
httpd.conf and a small 20 lines shell script.
If you don't want to expose the tileserver to the global internet, you can 
also directly download the tiles in tangoGPS from your local webserver 


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