Copying files from FR to laptop

Al Johnson openmoko at
Wed Jan 19 10:35:45 CET 2011

On Wednesday 19 January 2011, RANJAN wrote:
> Hi,
> Could some tell me how to copy the files from FR to the laptop (windows7
> running cygwin). I did it in the past but forgot how to. To scp into the FR
> from cygwin I do
> *scp <file> root at *. I faintly remember doing scp from FR to
> laptop as *scp <file> user at* , but this does not seem to work
> now. Please let me know how to.

scp <source> <destination>

One of them can be on a remote machine specified as:
user at machine:/full/path/to/location

Doesn't cygwin provide the 'man' program for online documentation? 'man scp' 
would give you the documentation for the scp command on most unix machines. 
Most commands also have minimal self-documentation if called with the -h or --
help switch, or if passed unrecognised switches.

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