Connecting two FRs and IP assignment

Al Johnson openmoko at
Thu Jan 20 14:32:37 CET 2011

On Thursday 20 January 2011, RANJAN wrote:
> > >Thing you asking about is not generally freerunner-specific. You have to
> > >check routing tables on your Windows PC, and place fr's into different
> > >ip nets.
> I did set them to different IPS as and or
> But it dint work.

No, it wouldn't. As the parent said, it's a routing problem on the Windows 
machine. It will be sending traffic for 192.168.0.* through one of the USB 
connections according to the routing tables. You need to get it to send 
traffic for each freerunner down the appropriate connection. There is of 
course more than one way to do this...

The parent suggests changing the IP of one of the freerunners to be on a 
different net to the other, such as 192.168.1.x instead of 192.168.0.x which 
may be the easiest option.

Another is to use whatever the Windows equivalent of the unix 'route' command 
is to tell it to send traffic for down one USB connection, and or whatever down the other.

Don't ask me how to do them - I know my way around linux networking controls, 
but not Windows.

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