FreeRunner issue: Illegal instruction

Vincent Nuttin Vinc at
Thu Mar 31 12:00:10 CEST 2011


I have some troubles with my tangogps. I recovered the source files
from "". I put everything on
my Openmoko FreeRunner (running SHR-testing).
The configuration (sh configure) works well. The make and make install
as well.
But then, when I run : $ tangogps
I get something like :

*** on_drawingareal_configure_event():
pixmap created
Illegal instruction

Do you have any idea ?

Actually, here is the full story. I first installed "tangogps" on my
FreeRunner with "opkg install tangogps". Everything worked fine !
But, now, I just want to add a "plugin" to tangogps. The only way I
found to do this is to :
- uninstall tangogps (opkg remove tangogps)
- modify some files and re-compile them. Am I wrong ?
- run my "modified" version of tangogps.

Thanks a lot for your help !

Vincent Nuttin
+32 474 48 43 52

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