[PATCH 6/6 v2] main: Rename MAX_STR_LEN and bump it to 253

Stefan Schmidt stefan at datenfreihafen.org
Tue Sep 6 19:48:46 CEST 2011


On Sun, 2011-09-04 at 22:40, Tormod Volden wrote:
> From: Tormod Volden <debian.tormod at gmail.com>
> The way we retrieve these strings we have to make sure the buffer
> is big enough so we do not truncate the string.
> A USB descriptor is limited to 255 bytes since its bLength field is
> one byte wide. So it can theoretically contain 253 characters if
> UTF-8 encoding is used. UTF-16 encoding has been mandated since 2005
> but we can afford those extra bytes just in case.

What is the char count for the strings you get with the Dfuse device?
Must be over 64 for sure as you hit this limitation, but are also over

Anyway, keeping those bytes for compat sounds like a good enough
reason for me. Applied.

Stefan Schmidt

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