navit with german speech?

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Thu Sep 8 13:21:34 CEST 2011

On Thu, 8 Sep 2011, Matthias Guedemann wrote:

> Hi Alexander,
> I attach my list of  installed packages to the end of this mail.
> I use an older SHR-unstable and have
> eglibc-binary-localedata-de-de
> eglibc-locale-de
> eglibc-localedata-de-de
> locale-base-de-lu
> navit-locale-de

GREAT, that did it!

And also now I have in /usr/bin/

         # HINT: we need that for streetname search
         export LC_ALL=''
         unset LC_ALL

         # HINT: that should be set in illume, but atm its not
         # export LANG=de_AT.utf8

*        unset LANGUAGE
*        export LANGUAGE
*        unset LC_MESSAGES
*        export LC_MESSAGES
*        export LANG=de_DE

Which does perfectly the job.



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