no luck with building dfu-util for windows

Daniel Li lida-mail at
Thu Apr 5 23:57:02 CEST 2012

Hi, Tormod Volden

>Hi Daniel, 
>Did you try the "windows" branch of the git repo? 
>What kind of compiler/environment did you try? 

==> I have VS2005/Cygwin/ubuntu(Vmware) installed. And thanks for you info. This is a great link, i'll try tonight.

>Once you have it built, there is the driver and libusb installation as 
>well. For libusb 1.0 on Windows, this might be the best reference: 
>If I understand it right, you can use Zadig.exe to install/register 
>the WinUSB driver for your device. Then libusb will access the device 
>through winusb.dll. 

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