[Gta04-owner] Battery cover printed at shapeways

Alexander Lehner lehner at edv-buero-lehner.de
Wed Jan 11 14:36:22 CET 2012

On Wed, 11 Jan 2012, Boudewijn wrote:

> I agree with Patryk, great! Do you have an idea how shapeways calculates the
> price? I used to think it was about volume of used material, but I come to
> suspect it is about the volume of the smallest box that fits the printed
> model.

Good question, I'll ask them.
Usability in favor of design.

> PS, I saw you already forwarded to GTA4-owners, I took the liberty of CC as
> well. What is handy in this regard? I think actually there are few non-
> openmoko-listers that are on gta4-owners. I don't know mailinglist-etiquette
> in this regard and my mail client at least does not combine shared threads to
> different mailing lists.

I guess the etiquette doesn't exist. If you think that your message is 
important, post it to both lists, so that users have to delete it twice ;)


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