shaepways pricing

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Wed Jan 11 15:19:46 CET 2012

The FAQ says

"Material pricing
Our pricing is based upon the actual amount of material used in your 
product and the material you choose to use. So, the actual volume of your 
finished product not the volume of the bounding box determines the price."

And in my case, for frosted ultra detail they say:

$5.00 startup + $3.49/cm3

I paid $40 without tax, so that would be around 10cm^3 material.
My kitchen balance says 12 gram, and the plastic was heavier than water
(greetings from Archimedes!).

On the other hand, the design is around 12x6x1 cm, which is 72cm^3,
so I guess, the pricing is really related to the used material, maybe on 
complex constructions with support material slightly more.


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