how to build android for OM from source ?

Harald Koenig koenig at
Thu Jan 26 11:44:02 CET 2012

Hallo OM!

I'm looking for some pointers how to start buildung android from scratch^Wsource.

I found the 1st pointer to on

but is dead (only right now?).  
old mails on this list point to too :-(

where's the right place to look for more information about android for OM ?

right now I have GTA02 (hopefully GTA04 soon;), so first I'd like to "just"
rebuild the current android 2.2.1 for GTA02.
next, likely I'd like to build 2.3.* for GTA02, then either for GTA04 or start trying android 4.0.3 or similar....

at least I do have the android repos and can build and run 4.0.3 in the emulator,
so my tool chain seems to work a bit (BTW: a full 4.0.3 from repo takes only 18 minutes, using the "right" PC;-)))

thanks for any pointers/help/...

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