[dfu-util] Support for TI Stellaris patch

Tommi Keisala tommi.keisala at ray.fi
Fri Jun 29 14:12:27 CEST 2012


I guess this is the upstream mailing list for the dfu-util as well?

I wrote a patch to make dfu-utils to support TI Stellaris controllers 
bootloader DFU mode.
This add's prefix to the binary that

First you add dfu-suffix to binary file with:
dfu-suffix -p 0x00ff -v 0x1cbe -d 0x0000 -a image.bin

Then you use patched dfu-util to actually flash that Stellaris chip with:
dfu-util -m 0x2000 -D image.bin

Where 0x2000 is the flash address you want the image to be written in 
the chip.


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