[ANNOUNCE] dfu-util 0.6 release

Boudewijn wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 00:02:14 CEST 2012

On Monday 07 May 2012 11:35:24 Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> Hello.
> On Mon, 2012-05-07 at 10:00, Patryk Benderz wrote:
> > Dnia 2012-04-27, pią o godzinie 22:57 +0100, Stefan Schmidt pisze:
> > > It was about time again to bundle all changes in dfu-util land
> > > together and make a release out of it.
> > 
> > Great job guys! As devel ML is rather low traffic, maybe it would be
> > wise to announce also on community at lists.openmoko.org ?
> Hmm, announce was really used for Openmoko products and releases.
> (Ab-)using it now for dfu-util might be a bit much. We stayed for
> discussions on this list as it was used for it before and we did not
> see much point in having our own dfu-util list with maybe only a
> handfull of people.
> Actually I don't know how many people are still using dfu-util with
> Openmoko devices. Many have switched to Qi and SD card booting it
> seems to me. Getting some feedback on this would be nice.
I second Patryks words: thank you for your continued work on dfu-util! 

I am subscribed to communitiy as well as devel, and see the volume of replies 
to Patryks little poll reaching the volume of mails you have been exchaning 
while developing dfu-util. Most are using dfu-util, with one or two 

I use dfu-util as well for flashing my Freerunner. My GTA04 does not support 
DFU, as far as I know, but I enjoy reading your step by step progress whenever 
I can spare the time. 

Thanks again!

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