help needed with dfu-util issue on Freerunner

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Sun Aug 10 11:25:29 CEST 2014


Tormod Volden <lists.tormod at> writes:
> I am trying to find someone who is willing to try some debugging of
> dfu-util on their OpenMoko Freerunner.

Ok, will try it with NOR u-boot now.

One unrelated issue I've noticed so far is that libusb-1.0 detection is
not working properly on my Gentoo. The reason is that libusb_init()
function is actually present with -lusb (libusb-1.0.9) so pkg-config
test never runs, so CFLAGS are not set properly.

IMHO you should just switch to pkg-config for all the systems. FreeBSD
already provides an appropriate .pc file in base for quite some time,
and for earlier versions users can just add USB_CFLAGS and USB_LIBS to
the ./configure invocation manually. Windows users can install
pkg-config-lite. For crosscompiling something like [1] can be
used. OpenOCD does it this way and so far it seems like everybody's
happy enough with it:

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