Thank you to

clare u5618 at
Sun Dec 2 22:47:30 CET 2007

Maybe I'm a bit late saying this, I don't know which human to thank.
But the site has frequent updates, and they have been well up with
what is happening for a long time. The little file 1-WARNING-INFO
is not quite groundbreaking but a bit of extra information is
wonderful for the battling user.

THe one I got this morning - Snapshot-20071202
is to a degree reproducible when going thru its menus.
It made calls, received calls, had sound, played music,
I was able to stop just one Application via
home, wheels, highlight one App, top2-rubbish
The modem died, according to gsm.log, recovered on reboot.

Is there anywhere any description of the various icons and what they are 
supposed to do?
Is anyone interested at this level?


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