repository structure? and epdfview

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at
Tue Dec 4 00:06:41 CET 2007

After reflashing with 2007.11, I'm puzzled about the repository
structure.  My /etc/ipkg has a number of configuration files, of which
updates-all-feed.conf is representative.  It contains

src/gz updates-all

but there is no directory OM2007.2 on!  If I go
to I find a directory
that looks like an ipkg repository (contains a Packages.gz file and a
bunch of .ipk files), but also contains a lot of subdirectories (all,
arm4vt, several more) which also look like ipkg repositories.  As far
as I know, though, ipkg isn't able to handle hierarchies like this, is
it?  So I'm wondering whether the directories are confused, or if I

Meanwhile, what got me started on this trek is looking for a pdf
viewer.  Before I reflashed, I had one (I remember it as being
epdfview); now I can't find one in the repositories.  Is there one?

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